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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Member Added - Melina from Melina Baby (Auckland)

Hi my name is Melina. I am a WAHM to 18month old Malaika. I love being a WAHM because I get to spend my days with the most incredible little girl in the world who brings me so much happiness. I do my sewing and cutting when she is sleeping.

I started making reversible pinafore dresses because I found it really hard to find dresses for Malaika when she was crawling that didn't get in her way, these dresses are the perfect length. Also I didn't want to have to carry masses of changes of clothing. When we go out and she gets mucky but we have somewhere else to go I can just flip the dress inside out and it's like she's wearing a new outfit.

With my cloth nappies I had bought every nappy on the market and there was always something that wasn't quite right so I created my own which fit teeny tiny babies and also very large babies without being bulky. I love cloth! A clothesline full of cloth nappies and little dresses is one of my favourite scenes. :)

I learnt to sew from my mother who was a seamstress and sewing teacher. She had her own factory which I used to sneak into as a child and take little scraps of fabric and needles so I could sew my dolls things. She decided to teach me to sew at the age of 4 because she figured if she didn't teach me properly then I was more likely to hurt myself. My dolls were the best dressed and now my baby is. I love sewing and creating so much!
You can see more of Melina Baby on their Facebook Page here.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Member Added - Lisa from Fru Fru Fairies

Fru Fru Fairies don’t make Tutu’s, we make Fru Fru’s!
Sick of the generic store brought Tutu?, then opt for a Fru Fru. Made by myself with patience and love, eachFru Fru is uniquely named and different. No two Fru Fru will ever be the same. Gorgeous cotton print waistbands set these skirts apart from standard shop brought ones. Fru Frus are made with either a button or tie system to make them remain size flexible. Skirts are all handmade by myself using a standard sewing machine, a huge imagination and a whole lot of love.
My mission is To make every Little Girls Uniqueness standout in their fru fru!
So choose your mood and choose your Fru Fru.....

You can see more of Fru Fru Fairies on their Facebook Page here.