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Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Member Added - Lorraine from Wish Upon a Star (Wellington)

Hi, I'm Lorraine from Wish Upon a Star.  Primarily, I'm a SAHM to a gorgeous 1 year old boy, Samasoni who is truly the light of my life.
I started my party supply business after I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave.  I found planning my sons birthday very time consuming with the minefield of different websites out there and the varying costs for same products depending on which site your were looking at.  I longed for just one site where I could get everything I needed or at least ask some questions and be helped in finding what I needed.  So I decided to create one.

Ok, so it's not an original concept and there are a lot of big players out there that I'm competing with.  However, I do offer unique themes not sold by anybody else in New Zealand, the opportunity to discuss one on one your needs or party woes, options for cost saving and still theming a party and easy payment options.

In short, I save busy parents (grand-parents, aunties etc etc) time and money, provide a quick, friendly and personal service.  I might also save you your sanity by not losing yourself in the www for days!
I openly welcome feedback on my site, products and anything else that you want to feed back on.  I can be contacted via the website or Facebook.

Wish Upon A Star can be found both on their website: www.wishuponastar.co.nz
And also on their Facebook Page

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Member Added - Suzi from A Word To The Wise

I'm Suzi from A Word to the Wise. I started these words and letters for fun about 5 years ago and have just started a small home business. I have a 10 month old, Addi, who is my light and laughter. I have Endo and PCOS, and my mum has had M.S since I was 2, so I know a lot about things that a typical 20 year old wouldn't. I'm keen to 'go with the flow' and chat personally with my customers as to what they want; what their decor is like and/or what their wee ones are in to. I take pride in every item I make, so would never sell or GIVE anyone something I am not happy with. I'm based in Christchurch and have been all over the world, seen 'enough' to know 'enough' about life and experienced more than my fair share of heartache. So, it is up to me and only me to get back into happiness and this is where it starts; at my table with my Noo crawling around beside me. Who wants to join me on my journey? :) 
A Word To The Wise has a Facebook Page, which you can see here.

New Member Added - Tamara from Bubsy Boo Boo (Christchurch)


Hello, Im Tamara from Christchurch. I am a very proud mother of 2 beautiful children Reuben (3) and Grace (1). Bubsy Boo Boo make handmade personalised cot names/dolls/toys/bedding and more. All items are specially made to order and are hand embroidered with your baby/childs initial or name to create a really special item "made with love".  Perfect for Baby Showers/Birthdays/Christmas. Come by and say hello. Love Bubsy Boo Boo xxx
You can see Bubsy Boo Boo on their website -  http://bubsyboo.vpweb.co.nz/
And also, on their Facebook Page - here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Member Added - Gina from Harmony Weddings, Events and Photography (Auckland)

I'm a stay at home mother of two soon to be three. And I also run my business from home.
Harmony Weddings, Events and Photography
We provide photography services for Weddings, Events, Portraits and Commercial
and also Wedding and Event coordination.
I'm currently running a competition on my Facebook Page, please go and check it out!

You can see Harmony's Facebook Page here.
And their website is http://www.harmonynz.co.nz