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Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Member Added - Justyne from Hair Fairy Boutique (Tasman District)

My name is Justyne McGaveston, I am based in Kohatu, Tasman District and am a stay at home Mum with 2 beautiful daughters. I have just launched my online business Hair Fairy Boutique aimed at providing hair accessory supplies for others who create at wholesale prices. Includes hair hardware, crochet hats, beanies and headbands, fabric headbands, hair flowers and more.
Website : www.hairfairy.co.nz                                                

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Member Added - Kim from Clothesline Clothing

Welcome to "Clothesline Clothing," we sell Shoes,Tights, Stockings, Socks and booties for all seasons, for Children and Babies.
Founded in March 2011, I wish to expand further and open up a shop in 5years.
A wide range of for all shoes,tights,stockings, socks and booties for all seasons which are practical and affordable for Children and Babies.
~Lay-bys are welcome! ~
You can contact me clotheslineclothing@vodafone.co.nz with any queries or orders :-)
Please see Clothesline Clothing's website - here.
Their Facebook Page - here.
ALSO ON TRADE ME-clothesline2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Member Added - Tash from BeBops (Christchurch)

I'm a devoted mum to my beautiful children aged 4 & 22 months. I started BeBops by designing a nappy that was  perfect for my wee boy. Things grew and I decided to start ‘BeBops’in early 2008. I love being able to work with and around my children, run a business which I'm passionate about and incorporate all of these things into my life to challenge myself!

BeBops is all about Cloth Nappies! These are the most stunning One Size Fits All cloth nappies, you get an amazing fit, fantastic absorbency and to top it all off the cutest looking bums around! These nappies will fit from newborn to 17kg+, they truly are a OSFA. They are especially great when you have two kids in cloth, you don’t need multiple sizes in your rotation as each nappy is customisable for each child, brilliant J Buy investing in BeBops OSFA you can save even more by using the same nappy for the full ‘nappying’ period of each child. We also stock a range matching minky bibs and blankets and the stunning French Neobulle woven wrap carriers, BeBops stretch wrap carriers and other beautiful baby products.

Please see BeBops' Website - www.bebops.co.nz
And their Blog Page - here.
And Facebook Page - here.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Member Added - Daina and Georgie from CoochyCoo Ltd (Manawatu)

CoochyCoo is run by two WAHM's (Daina & Georgie) from the Manawatu.  Starting small with a range of 'industrial-strength' bibs for reflux babies (yes this was from personal experience and desperate need), we now also stock our own fabulous line of NZ-made merino clothing.  With 4 children between us (and one more on the way) as well as large numbers of nephews & nieces, we have no shortage of models to test out our new creations on :)  

Last year we also launched CoochyKid, selling merino fabric & other sewing notions to cater for those who prefer to make their own.  Finally, we also stock an extensive range of New Zealand souvenirs for the whole family - these make great gifts to send to friends & family overseas and are equally good for those wishing to support our national sports teams here in NZ.

CoochyCoo's Website Page is www.coochycoo.co.nz
And their Facebook Page is http://www.facebook.com/CoochyCooLtd

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moo and Flo - Another of our Winners of Show Us Ya Workstation Competition!

Dianne from Moo and Flo came 4th in our Show Us Ya Workstation Competition, and so will have advertising/shoutouts every Thursday for the Month of May. Congratulations Dianne!
Where are you located?
Laingholm, Auckland

Tell us about you and your family

Me (Dianne), Dan, and wee Monty.  Moo and Flo is named for my online gaming name (Flo) and Monty's nickname (Moo).  Dan is a software engineer but once made me a cushion by hand, such was the romance of courtship.

Tell us about your business
I make clothes for children up to the age of 6, trying to make things that are different to what is in the shops, and never making too many the same as I want to keep that feeling I had as a child of having something different to everyone else.

What made you want to become a WAHP?  

I wanted to create something rather than filling *all* of my down time gaming, so I figured this would be a fun and creative thing to do.  It allows me to still be a SAHM and work around Monty, which is brilliant.  And, of course, it means I can make things for him, too, which I love as myh mum used to make most of my clothes as a child and I loved having things that were unique.

What made you pick the type of business that you did?
Because I can sew :)  And because it is easy to make items in fits and starts if need be, to fit around being a mum.  It's also very satisfying seeing other children in things I've made - it gives me warm fuzzies and the oomph to go on and make more.

How do you balance work/family/you-time?

Jeepers, I'm not sure I *do* sometimes!  When the planets are with me, I just work in the evenings when Moo is asleep, or on the two days he is with his wonderful carer, Dawn.  When I started the business, Moo slept 2-3 hours every afternoon, but wouldn't you know he dropped the naps within 2 weeks of launching.  Kids, eh!  Still, I just do what I can, when I can, and focus on enjoying what I do.

Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/MooAndFlo   

Blog page: http://mooandflo.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Upper Cut Hair Design - Another of our competition winners!

Congratulations to Kelly from Upper Cut Hair Design, third place in our Show Us Ya Workstation competition.

Where are you based?
I am located in Papakura Auckland.

Tell us about your business and why you wanted to become a WAHM?

I wanted to set up a salon at home so I could still be a full time mum.  I only ever book one client at a time, you dont share the salon with anyone else, so can feel comfortable and relax, with your children doing what children do best (and I dont mind one bit!)  You can also relax with no children around too as you have the salon to your self, this also means im all yours! I am not rushing between clients and you will never feel like a number.  I wanted a modern salon that offered all the trimmings, good coffee, a great selection of mags and of course my 11 years of expertise make this possible :D
While my youngest is still at Kindy I work part time hours,  but when he starts school next year I will be stepping the salon up to the next level! I love hairdressing, its a wonderful thing to make some one feel beautiful, I have many sleep deprived mums cry in my arms when they leave, because they feel so good about themselves and have had a little "me" time (even if they have had to bring the children).  

How do you balance work/family/you-time?
I have been in business 18 months now, and have grown and learnt so much, the balance of family/business is great, my kids know upstairs is mummy's work, and only pop up on a late night for a kiss goodnight, they love knowing im just upstairs!
My husband and family have been a great support, my loyal clients are awesome, without them Upper Cut Hair Design wouldn't have worked, I am so blessed to have such a faithful backing!  To keep my clients feeling valued I run specials every month, and try to to giveaways when I can (always looking for business' that want to donate, in return for advertising..... *hint*)

Please see Upper Cut Hair Design's Website, www.uppercuthd.co.nz

Monday, May 2, 2011

Minky Bots - 2nd Place in our Show Us Ya Workstation Competition!

A huge congratulations to Helena, our 2nd place winner in the Show Us Ya Workstation Competition, a placing made even more impressive by the fact that she only entered with a day or two to spare! Well done to you!

Where you are located?
Feilding, NZ

Tell us about you and your family

I am a stay at home mum to 2 gorgeous little boys under 3 years, who keep me super busy. And have #3 due in August.

What made you want to be a WAHM?
I decided to start Minky bots so that i had a way to earn money while staying home with my boys.

What is your business all about?

When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I said to my partner that I wanted to use cloth nappies, his reaction to that was “no way”. So from that point on there was no turning back for me (because im so stubborn), and I can proudly say I have only ever bought 1 pack of disposables, and that was in the middle of winter with 2 boys in nappies.
Im not talking about all the flash pocket nappies, fitteds or AIO you can get, I started out using the old flat cloth nappies with pins and a waterproof cover!
Then I thought I would give it a go at making my own pocket nappies, which then turned into me designing my own pattern that suited my son perfectly in 4 different sizes. Newborn, Small, Medium and Large.
Minky Bots has just grown from there. I now offer a extra large nappy to order and am working on a one size fits all pattern.

How do you balance work, family and you-time?
Sometimes i find it really hard to do this with 2 little kids, but if i need to sew i try and do it while Tim is home so that he can watch the boys, otherwise i do little bits here and there when i can. I try to get in a few hours sewing a week though depending on how much i need to do.

Here is a list of products i make
Nappies – Newborn, small, medium and large
Extra Large to Order
Nappies with Snap-On Clothing and accessories (© Minky Bots, 2010 Patent Pending)
Inserts – Small, Medium, Large
Taggy Balls
Taggy Cubes
Taggy Blankets
Microfleece liners (10 Pack)
Cloth Wipes (5 Pack)
Minky Bibs (3 layers backed in towelling OR PUL)
Minky Snuggly Blanket
Minky Changemat
Minky Wetbag

Contact Details

EMAIL - info@minkybots.co.nz
WEBSITE - http://www.minkybots.co.nz/
FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/MinkybotsNappies
TWITTER @MinkyBots
BLOG - http://minkybots.blogspot.com/
TRADEME LISTINGS - http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=3464258
LITTLE KIWI'S NEST SHOP - http://littlekiwisnest.co.nz/store/Minky+Bots

New Member Added - Kirsty from Sew Pretty (Christchurch)

I am Kirsty from Sew Pretty, I started my online fabric shop last year September. I have 2 little boys aged 4 & 2. I love being able to work in the evenings and spend as much time as possible with my boys during the day.
I am a fabric addict myself and I love to find modern fabric designs and create beautiful items from them. I strongly believe that if you are going to make something handmade (especially if you are going to sell it) then you should use be using a high quality fabric, it is the least that your loving time consuming project deserves!

My 2nd passion is to inspire people to get their creative juices flowing and start sewing! So I have a number of easy to follow tutorials on my blog to help people along when they are first starting out. I love hearing about mother’s who spend the time teaching their daughters to sew what  a great inspiration!

You can see Sew Pretty's website here.
Their Facebook Page here.
And their Blog here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

MumMa - Winners of the Show us ya workstation competition!

MumMa were the winners of our "Show us ya workstation" competition, and so have won a whole bunch of free advertising on the NZWAHP's site and Facebook Page. Congratulations to you, and I hope that this helps you get more interest in your business.

Where are you located?
MumMa is located in Linwood, Christchurch-Earthquake Central (lol)
Tell us about you and your family
We are sisters from Christchurch who have 5 children between us and a passion for fashion so what better way to combine the two! 
Malia: I have three girls, Madeline 7yrs, Felicity 6yrs and Daisy 1yr
Mareta: I have two boys, Samuel 5yrs & Sonny 3yrs

What made you want to be a Work at Home Parent?
Malia: With two school aged children and a toddler, that in itself is a Full time job! Working away from home either Full time or Part time wasn't an option for us. So being able to do something that I love and have an eager interest in from home is a blessing.

What is your business all about?
Quality unique original children's clothing in additon offering accessories for the home, mums and kids!!
What made you pick the kind of business that you did?  
Interest in fashion, but incorporating this with being a full time mum with 3 children I was able to have a creative outlet but also include the girls in the business. The girls contribute to modelling and helping as much as they can with the MumMa business.

How do you balance your work/family/you-time? 
As best we can! Being countries apart (Malia in Christchurch & Mareta in Sydney) is very hard to co-ordinate time and also brainstorm ideas. So thankful for technology - we communicate regularly via Skype and also Facebook! Social Media has been a fantastic avenue in marketing and advertising.
Working around the kids has always been hard but have managed and thankful for the support of our parents who help look after the girls when hunting for material or when busy sewing :)

(our Facebook page has a different address as it was originally called Mad-Lissy-Days instead of MumMa)