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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Member Added - Vicki from PetitBebe Creations (Auckland)

I am a SAHM based in Auckland with 2 beautiful children who have inspired me to dust of my sewing scissors and explore my creative talents. I make Boutique items for your little darlings.  I like to make things and am in love with the gorgeous fabrics all around so feel inspired to make beautiful things for little people out of them.

PetitBebe's Blog is here.
Their Website is here.
And you can also find them on Facebook here.

New Member Added - Anna from Solar Treasures

I am a mum of two wonderful and busy children, 6 year old boy and 3 year old girl.  When I had my son I went to work after 6 weeks of having him till the day my waters broke and gave birth to my little girl.  Having her changed my direction and decided I can’t do the full time working mummy anymore and start the day at 7 am and  be back home at 7pm.  So I started thinking of what I can do from home and came across to a very stunning Solar Powered Butterfly lights that I placed in my garden and every visitor we had was absolutely amazed by them.  So I did some researching on how I can get hold of more and it has been a long road but finally I am here starting slowly but surely.

Our small range of solar powered butterfly lights and colour changing lanterns can be found both on our Website and our Facebook Page.

You can find Solar Treasure's Website here.
And their Facebook Page is here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Member Added - Pixie from Imagery By Design (Kapiti Coast, Wellington)

I am a mummy to a 2.5 year old, I chose to work from home, so I can still have time with my growing lad. I have always had a camera, taking photos from an old Instamatic to start with!! But I love capture the emotive sides of subjects, and with the twist of the unique, mystical and evoking the imagination, either in my portraiture or my digital works.
I work from home, and soon to have a simple home studio, in case of the charming foul weather winter decides to throw at me, I perfer working and creating in natural light, and the most serene of locations the better! I mainly do portraiture, but am most willing to do weddings and events, if a client wants me too.

You can see Imagery By Design's website here.   
And their Facebook Page  here.

New Member Added - Pixie from PixieMoon (Kapiti Coast, Wellington)

I am a mummy to a 2.5 year old, I chose to work from home, so I can still have time with my growing lad, and I am not all that healthy to work full time, with a huge passion for the alt, faery, pixie, goth and grabbing hold of my childhood again, I figured to do something I adore, and love. I used to make my own bangles as a kid, and I guess I just have revisited this and my own childhood stories about the fae and the mystical.
I create design clothing, acessories and home decor, in the alt,fae,goth genres, anything from pixie gear to victorian gothic, I also upcycle clothing, and much much more of this line will be LAUNCHED very soon :D So think the light hearted pixie froorf to the darker side of the person.
I also do festivals and the occasional underground market in wellington - where you can buy direct from me.

You can see PixeMoon's Facebook Page here.
And their Website here.

Webstore - Watch this space!!!

Congratulations to our 4 winners!

I would just like to say a huge congratulations to the 4 winners of our first competition. The entrants had to email in a photo of their home workstation, and generate "likes" on their photo, via our Facebook Page. The 4 with the most votes win. And here they are:

MumMa came first - View their website here

Minky Bots came second - View their website here

Upper Cut Hair Design came third - View their website here

Moo and Flo came fourth - View their Facebook Page here

So what happens now?

Well how I described the competition initially was that the 4 winners would each receive a week of advertising all about them - so a more in depth business profile, lots of photos, shoutouts to their Facebook Pages etc. Basically a whole lot of free advertising to help them build their businesses.

What I have also suggested to the winners as they are contacting me is instead of one solid week, they each get 1 day a week, say a Monday, and every Monday of May they will get lots of additional advertising instead. I will let everyone know what they come back with, am going on a majority rule for this, as they are the winners and should be allowed to decide on this one.

I hope this helps them to generate more interest in their pages. As I am not currently a business, just a SAHM who wants to help others get their brands known, free advertising is a great tool that although not a PHYSICAL prize, it should help them long term.

I am away for a week now, on a much needed family holiday. I won't be online very much, but please stay tuned for more fun and games when I come back!

Happy Easter,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Member Added - Sharyn from Photography by Sharyn (Wellington)

I'm a Photographer, a Digital Artist and Web Designer and I'm a SAHM most of the time with 2 kidlets. 
I love Maternity, Family and Newborn photography!
I do several things;
Digital Art (Digital Scrapbooking, Photo Manipulation and Photo Restoration)
Web Design

You can view Sharyn's Webpage here.
And her Facebook Page here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Member Added - Katie from Punk Baby Clothing (Nelson)

My name is Katie and I am Punk Baby Clothing. I live in Sunny Nelson with my husband, our 2 ratbag boys and our 2 even more ratbag dogs!
When I had my first son Jeremiah "Jem" in 2009 I really struggled to find clothing that was my sort of style and I really prefer not to have him wear mass produced clothing. Coming from Nelson with about 4 choices of shops to buy childrens clothing at, you walk down the street and see every second child dressed in matching outfits! So I started making his clothing myself, and the response was really positive, turns out I'm not the only one that wants to 'punk their baby!'
And so began Punk Baby Clothing. Punk Baby has alternative wear for your littlies ages newborn to 5, from tees to dresses, taggies and bibs, pants, tutus and skirts, skulls, skulls and more skulls! 
I have since had a second child Knox in 2010, so am even busier than ever, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

You can see Punk Baby's Website here.
And their Facebook Page is here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Member Added - Franda from Once Again (Auckland)

I’m a stay at home mum of 2 little boys and love to keep busy! I studied art, and always had a bit of a love affair with creating things. My current obsession is creating beautiful things from up-cycled materials. Also in love with polymer clay, and love to create jewellery that looks like items from the natural world. Anything vintage, unusual and retro gets me excited!
I make jewellery and other home ware from recycled/up-cycled materials, and also other crafty materials. My jewellery are all unique, one of a kind, pieces of wearable art. 

You can see Once Again's Website here.

You can also see their Blog here.
And their Facebook Page here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Member Added - Juana from Cadlow Mural World (Auckland)

My name is Juana and I am Mum to Cadell 14 and Willow 12. I have been
running my business for 7 years now from home

Cadlow Mural World is a purely online business. We have the LARGEST range of Wallpaper Wall Murals in New Zealand online. We specialise in Wallpaper Murals and Glass and Ceramic knobs for transforming your walls and your furniture!

**Our latest new product range is Real wax, flameless LED Candles that can be blown on and blown off or controlled by remote.

Please see Cadlow Mural Worlds Blog Page here.
Their Webpage is here.
And their Facebook Page is here. 

Click on this link to see even more of the fantastic murals they have to offer. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Member Added - Kelly from Upper Cut Hair Design (Papakura)

I have been a hairdresser for over 10yrs, after having children myself I
realised there was no where to go and get your hair done professionally
with all the trimmings, and still feel comfortable feeding your baby, or
having noisy toddlers with you :D I also wanted to work from home so I
could still be a SAHM! When my eldest started school Upper Cut Hair Design
was born, a child friendly, professional salon that offers all the
trimmings and lots of pampering! I only every book one client at a time,
so if you are wanting a child free experience, this is catered for also.

Please see Upper Cut Hair Design's website here.
And you can see their Facebook Page here.

New Member Added - Tania from Pelima Jewellery Designs

I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Teaching (early childhood) while enjoying and sharing my passion for my crafts.
I do many crafts but Jewellery Design is my favourite.  I have been designing for about 5 years but only selling for 1.
My business is Jewellery Design with an unique and individuality touch.  Where possible I live to use gifts from mother earth such as shells, acorns, flax etc

Please see Pelima's Blog Page here.
Their Website is here.
And their Facebook Page is here.

Announcing our first "competition" - Show us ya workstation

My temporary work space while I set up my "real" one

Well, it wouldn't be a real Facebook Page if we didn't have competitions now would it?

As this isn't currently an actual "business" (Although I am hoping to one day soon make it that way), I can't give away any prizes etc. However what I can offer, is more in depth, free advertising in the Facebook and Blog world. So what I propose is this.

I go away for my first family holiday, for a week (to Wellington, yay!) from Easter, so entries need to be in by Good Friday so I can draw it before I go. Email me in a photo of your home workstation. I will load all entries into an album on the Facebook Page. Get all your friends and families to "like" your entry. The 4 top votes (yes, 4, aren't I generous?) will each get a chance to have a whole lot of free promotion. Thats one winner for each full week in May, from Monday to Sunday. So each week I will be promoting a different winner. My only request is that we hit 150 "Likers" on Facebook by then. We have gone from 0-111 in less than a week, so it should be easy!

There will be:
A special article posted, dedicated to you and your business. (I will email you through the questions, plus whatever else you want to have in it).
A photo album, either new for new members, or we will add more photos to your existing one, if you already have one with the Facebook Page. This will also link up to your Facebook Page.
Links to your Facebook Page and/or Website daily for the week that you are being promoted, to enhance your traffic and, ultimately, your business.

Don't even ask. I am in the process of sorting and moving into my "real" space!

To get things started, here is a completely embarrassing photo of what my "work station" was like a week or so ago. I am in the process of setting up a whole new area where my craft supplies, writing supples and computer are all in the same (tidy) place. But just to show what I was working with (through my own fault of course) this is my ex-workstation. Complete with half dressed, vegemite covered child. There is a bed and a desk under all that mess by the way.

So there you have it. Email me your work station photos, get everyone to "like" the photos, and once we hit 150 Likers, the top 4 will win more free advertising. What do you think?


P.S in the case of a draw, we will go to a "sudden death" to see who can get the most likers in a pre-determined space of time.

New Member Added - The Lunch Ladys (Christchurch)

We are a mobile food run, just like the bun runners you see in your offices and workplaces visiting your site everyday at the same time. The only difference is we have a specially designed vehicle with a commercial oven to keep food piping hot and a commercial chiller to keep food fresh and drinks icy cold!

Mobile Lunch Run

Each day at the same time we visit companies and offer their staff a gastronormus range of hot meals, pies, savouries, pastries, desserts, salads, sandwiches’, knots, rolls, drinks, confectionary and so much more!!

With daily specials and an ever growing menu our mobile food run is on a mission to be New Zealand’s best mobile food operation.

Currently operating in Christchurch and in the process of Franchising nation wide please contact us to find out when we will be servicing your area.



Reward your staff with a delicious snack or meal which I must add is 100% tax deductible or let us cater your next office, factory and meeting or launch function.
We have an extensive menu to suit all tastes so contact us toady for a personalised menu with all budget levels for your business requirements.


Visit The Lunch Ladys' Facebook Page here.

And their Website here.

New Member Added - Maria from Mad About Cupcakes (Christchurch)

Hi my name is Maria and I am a mother to handsome little 3 year old boy.  I have started on this new venture at home based in Christchurch called Mad about Cupcakes.  Basically since I could remember I have been making cakes and I have extreme passion for it.  It started as a hobby but now I wanted to share my love for cakes to everybody else. At Mad about Cupcakes I use fresh ingredients and everything starts from scratch, I just love home made baking.  Can cater for all sorts of events and special occasions.  For more information you can visit me on face book or my website.

You can visit Mad About Cupcakes' Facebook Page here.And you can see their Website here. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Member Added - Mareta and Malia from MumMa (Christchurch)

My name is Malia. My sister Mareta and I have a very new business called MumMa, which is currently based in shakey Christchurch. We deal with childrens clothing and accessories such as baby blankets, MumMa Neck Wraps and hopefully more to come. You can find more information on our facebook page which is called MumMa or on our website(which is still fairly new)

You can see MumMa's website here.                           
And their Facebook Page here.

New Member Added - Nina from Kianna's Headband (Auckland)

Kianna'sHeadband is my hobby based small business. It started with killing time while I was on Maternity Leave but the baby still love to stay in my tummy...
All the headbands were only for Kianna and  the amount is getting crazy and lots of my friends love it ...so I started selling them on Trademe and on Facebook as well now...
Kianna'sHeadband most popular products are headband, hair clips, tutus and ribbon wands =)

Our beautiful Headbands are made to last! We make sure that each and every one of the Baby Headbands, & Girls Hair Bows we create are the best you ..
If you do not see the line you need, just email us. We will be happy to custom design a headband for you!

Please see Kianna's Headband's Facebook Page here. 

New Member Added - Hazel from Sew Addictive Fabrics (Palmerston North)

Hello hello, I’m Hazel, a WAHM based in Palmerston North and I run Sew Addictive Fabrics! My reason for starting the business is to be at home with my wee girl Bella who is rather taken with fabric scraps…hmmmm ;-) My wonderful partner Kurt does lovely things to help such as listens as I show him every new fabric I LOOOOVE (all of them!) each time a new parcel arrives, basically, he rocks and without him and my very supportive immediate family, Sew Addictive Fabrics wouldn’t be here!
Enough about me & my wee family, the business, well I source and supply gorgeous designer fabrics for quilting, crafting, clothing etc and also boutique sewing patterns. I have an amazing group of very talented customers who all seem to be a wee bit addicted to fabric, its impossible not to be! Recently I ran my first Sew Along through the blog, an awesome thing to be  part of and there is so so much more to come...
I do a lot of custom ordering so I welcome email requests, suggestions and feedback warmly...its all about fueling your addiction (its a healthy one ;-)
Happy creating!
x Hazel

See Sew Addictive Fabrics Website here.
Their Blog is here.
And their Facebook Page here.                                        

New Member Added - Impressions by Deb Alexander (Wanganui)

My name is Deb Alexander.
I am a busy mother to my two sons - McArthur & Malachi - and beginning to pursue my interest in photography. 
I have been building my portfolio for about a year now mainly focusing on people photography but now I have decided to pursue my real passion of landscape, nature & architecture photography.
Please feel free to join me on my facebook page where I add new images regularly.

You can see Deb's Facebook Page here.

New Member Added - Lydia from Little Kiwis Baby Products (Tauranga)

Hi my name is Lydia, I am a stay at home mum of two children (DD and DS)
I run LittleKiwis in my “spare” time and love creating custom orders.
I specialise in Kiwiana baby products such as booties, hats, changemats, and have many styles of Bibs.  These products make great gifts for overseas friends and family. 

You can see Little Kiwis' Website here.
Their Blog is here.
And their Facebook Page is here.

Kiwiana products – Clockwise from top left.  Dummy Doofahs (not made by me), Booties, Dribble Bib, Large bibs and plunket book cover, Bibs, Tri-ibble bib, Beanies, Sun hat.
Clockwise from top left.  Singlet & nappy cover set, appliqued singlets, pinafore dress, bubble dress, Pukeko appliqued t-shirts and matching shorts or skirt, short romper

New Member Added - Mel from Somerton Childrens Clothing (Ashburton)

My name is Mel and I work from home running Somerton. I live is Ashburton with my partner and 2 sons. I have been sewing for many years but launched Somerton approximately 3 years ago and still completely enjoy making new creations.
Here at Somerton Children's Clothing, I specialise in children's clothing for newborn through to 6 year olds that are of high handmade quality while being modern and affordable including my signature pinafore, wrap dresses and tunic tops. Ready made garments are available for purchase or custom made garments can be ordered. I like the clothing to be functional for young children, so that they not only look great but are comfortable to run, jump and play in. My favourite fabrics are bright and bold, however I can custom make garments to your preference.

You can see Somerton Children's Clothing's Website here.
You can see their Facebook Page here.
Also, you can email them at somertonlodge@ihug.co.nz