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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Member Added - Katie from Minnie Me Designs

I'm a stay at home mum of a gorgeous 10 month old boy called Noah.
For most of my working life I've been a hairdresser which has given me an outlet for my creative flair.
I decided to start Minnie Me Designs as I love putting together beautiful gifts and I spoke to a lot of other mums who said the gift baskets etc they received when pregnant contained things that were mostly irrelevant to them.

I think it's important to give gifts that are tried and tested when it comes to babies so I try to include as much of my own world in the boxes as I can.
I also include many NZ made products and hope to include more as my business grows.
I love being a WAHM because it means I don't have a strict schedule and can work around when my wee man needs me, although some days are hard when the monster comes out in my baby!!

The business works through facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MinnieMeBaby or I can be emailed atMinnieOrders@outlook.com
I am able to create a gift for most budgets so its best just to send me a message and we can come up with some ideas together :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Member Added - Kelly from Kelal Creations

I'm a 29 year old Mother of 2 that enjoys spending as much time as possible with my children. When I had my daughter 7 and half years ago I couldn't afford to buy elaborate, over priced presents..... I was given a whole lot of MDF wood (which was meant for shelving hehehe) so I decided I was going to make her something special that she could keep for as long as she wanted. So I printed off her name cut out the letters and used them for stencils on the wood cut them out and painted them. Then I decided the letters needed to be on something so drew a big heart, cut that out and painted. From there it begun I started playing with different ideas making keepsake boxes, a toybox, a bookshelf and I haven't stopped since. My daughter loves it when its time to paint, on goes the painting clothes and shes in their helping Mum :) Now i'm starting to do the same thing for my 10 month old son. 
I love the freedom of working at home if your children need you your right there. I also love the fact that my daughter wants to get involved she has even come up with ideas over the years that I use today. It was also amazing to see her reaction when she opened the first present I had made her on her 3rd birthday it brought a tear to my eye. Now if we move or anything that is the first thing she wants to pack to this day, so she knows it will be on her bedroom wall. :)       
Wooden Letters, Toyboxes, Wall Plaques, Bookshelves, Coat racks.

You name it and we will make it. :) 

They are available in plain wood or painted in a variety of colours just ask and we will do our best to match your colour. 

We can even add a sparkle with some glitter. 

If you have a unique design, pattern or colour scheme in mind let us know and again we'll do our best to match it.

Prices start from as little as $1.00 per letter

(Please Enquire as prices will vary)

09 4010122
021 08241673

New Member Added - Holly and Mark From Baby Perfect Bean Bags

My husband and I started this home based business so that I could be home for our 10 year old daughter and other children in the future, it means so much to work from home but also have the time with our precious daughter who is growing up so quick which makes it nicer for me as I can see her grow and not miss out by working full-time.
Our business is just baby based at the moment, but hopefully in the future it will grow.
Our business name is: BabyPerfect, we generally sell baby bean bags but we are importing guess baby crib shoes at the moment and also rockers for the baby bean bags.
Our baby bean bags package consists of:
1 Baby bean bag
1 Top layer with harness (newborn)
1 Top layer without harness (1 year plus or when you think your child is ready without the harness)
We don't sell micro beans with the bean bags as they can be purchased from the warehouse.

Our facebook page is:

Our website is:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Member Added - Natalie From Go To Girl - Social Media and Networking

I help Mums in business with Social Media and Networking. Coaching, Management, Networking Events, Biz Coffee Groups and Workshops. 
I love that I can be there for my kids and I can fit the work in around them. I love sitting in my sunny house working away on my laptop!
021 182 2908
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoToGirlSocialMediaNetworking

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Member Added - Lisette from 1 Stop VA - Virtual Assistant

My name is Lisette and I am owner of 1 Stop VA – Virtual Assistant.  I have 2 boys – Caide who is 3 and a half years old and Lucas who is 10 months.  1 Stop VA was first thought of back towards the end of my pregnancy with Caide as a way to keep my hand in the administration world as it’s forever changing.  While I was pregnant with Lucas, I decided to get it up and running and got my first client a couple of weeks before I was due! 
1 Stop VA is like having a PA or an office assistant but without having to worry about on-going training, paying sick leave or holiday pay – all the little things that go with hiring staff.  You also only pay for the time spent on the task, in the long run saving you time and money!  You email me the work you what done and I send it back to you all done.  It can be something as small as designing as poster for your work to doing a presentation for that meeting you have the next day or doing some research for your business.  Whatever you need doing, I can more than likely do it for you.
So if you are ever doing your admin work and think “I would much rather be doing something else”, then give me a call or email and I’ll do it for you!

New Member Added - Sarah From Rock Your Bump Maternity and Nursing Wear

My name is Sarah Cooper, owner of Rock Your Bump Maternity and Nursingwear.  We are continually on the lookout for maternity and nursing fashion that's a little bit different to everything else on the market.  I wasn't a very confident breastfeeder in public, so when I started looking for clothing that I could discreetly breastfeed in I noticed there was a real gap in the New Zealand market.  
Being a WAHP is so important to me, as a qualified teacher I really value the benefits being at home with Toby (10 Months).  My Fiance Chris is a Police officer, so works varied shifts, so not only does being a WAHP mean I get to be at home with Toby, it also means we still get our quality family time together as "weekends" for us can sometimes be weekdays!
You can visit us on facebook, or on the website: www.rockyourbump.co.nz or if you are looking for something specifically and can't find it, email: sarah@rockyourbump.co.nz

Friday, July 12, 2013

New Member Added - Tarah from Starry Products (Wellington)

Hi my name is Tarah and I run Starry Products. It started as just me selling second hand stuff from home on trade me. Now it has grown into a passion, buying brand new stock and selling here. I am selling primarily baby and kids shoes, clothing and accessories for men, women and children, and phone covers :)
I am finding real joy selling items online and at stalls. I think this also works perfectly with my growing family :) I have 1 2 and 1/2 year old boy and an almost 1 year old girl. I am able to bring them into my business as models. I can work online whenever which is perfect. I aslso have a great support system in the form of my fiance, Steve, who helps with posting errands, and buying stock. I also get this amazing sense of pride about what i'm selling and working with customers.
You can find Starry Products on their Facebook Page
Or via Email

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Member Added - Hayley from Digi Tutors (Auckland)

My name is Hayley Vujcich and I am a stay at home Mum to Jack who is 22 months old. I am currently living in Auckland and am the director of my home business Digi Tutors. Before falling pregnant with my son I was a Teacher working at various levels and in digital classrooms. I developed a real passion for digital learning and saw the impact that using digital tools to enhance learning had on achievement. Digi Tutors offers online tutoring for kids. We use digital tools to help students achieve their goals whether it be for learning support or extension. At Digi Tutors our aim is to provide funengaging and motivating sessions for students which complement learning occurring in the classroom. Offering this service online means we are more affordable than other tuition and are available anywhereany time.
I love being a Work at Home Parent because I get to enjoy the best of both worlds, working in an industry I am passionate about while being able to enjoy my family and home life as well. 

Digi Tutors- Using digital tools to enrich, empower and educate.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Member Added - Annette from Just 4 You (Invercargill)

Hi, my name is Annette from Just 4 You.  I’m a SAHM to my 3 beautiful girls, they are 11, 8  & 1.  I love being at home with my children & enjoy the freedom to work around them & their many activities in & out of school. 

I love creating new items that are fun, colourful & always enjoy the challenge of making something new.  Some of my items include Doll Bedding Sets, Dolls Clothes, Felt Food, Crayon Rolls, Hair Clip/Headband Holders, Personalised Wall Art + much, much more. 
You can reach Annette on her email address

Or on her Facebook Page 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Member Added - Nikki from AmbiDexi

Hi my name is Nikki, I live in Tauranga and am a stay at home mum to two kids, Amber (1) and Dexter (3.5)
I recently launched AmbiDexi as a creative outlet, I was always starting projects and never finishing them, but tutu's I found I could do one at a time, in a style I liked and never got bored. So I started making them as gifts for friends, then put an offer out to a lovely group of ladies, and then from there, AmbiDexi began and I haven't looked back!!
Over time I will be adding jewellery and millinery creations, so keep an eye on the Facebook Page for new things to come! 
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AmbiDexi
Twitter: @AmbiDexi