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Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Member Added - Kelly from Kelal Creations

I'm a 29 year old Mother of 2 that enjoys spending as much time as possible with my children. When I had my daughter 7 and half years ago I couldn't afford to buy elaborate, over priced presents..... I was given a whole lot of MDF wood (which was meant for shelving hehehe) so I decided I was going to make her something special that she could keep for as long as she wanted. So I printed off her name cut out the letters and used them for stencils on the wood cut them out and painted them. Then I decided the letters needed to be on something so drew a big heart, cut that out and painted. From there it begun I started playing with different ideas making keepsake boxes, a toybox, a bookshelf and I haven't stopped since. My daughter loves it when its time to paint, on goes the painting clothes and shes in their helping Mum :) Now i'm starting to do the same thing for my 10 month old son. 
I love the freedom of working at home if your children need you your right there. I also love the fact that my daughter wants to get involved she has even come up with ideas over the years that I use today. It was also amazing to see her reaction when she opened the first present I had made her on her 3rd birthday it brought a tear to my eye. Now if we move or anything that is the first thing she wants to pack to this day, so she knows it will be on her bedroom wall. :)       
Wooden Letters, Toyboxes, Wall Plaques, Bookshelves, Coat racks.

You name it and we will make it. :) 

They are available in plain wood or painted in a variety of colours just ask and we will do our best to match your colour. 

We can even add a sparkle with some glitter. 

If you have a unique design, pattern or colour scheme in mind let us know and again we'll do our best to match it.

Prices start from as little as $1.00 per letter

(Please Enquire as prices will vary)

09 4010122
021 08241673

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